FridgeJuly 27, 2017by ADKThings to think about when buying a fridge

1. The amount of space you have available. You will need to measure the space you have and ensure that there is a gap all the way around your fridge, since it will need some airflow around it. Five centimetres or two inches is about right. You will also need to make sure that your fridge can be installed into your kitchen and the delivery men can actually physically get the fridge to the kitchen, so ensure that this can happen easily.

2. Once you know the space available then you can choose the type of fridge you want. You may prefer a freestanding fridge, which you will be able to take with you if you move house, or if you want to change your kitchen space around. You might need an under counter fridge if you have limited space, or you may need a tall fridge if you have a big family and like lots of fresh food. You can have fitted fridges which can be disguised as a cupboard with matching doors on it to integrate with the rest of your kitchen.

The range of fridges that are available is truly stunning especially if you have a freestanding fridge. You can choose from a larder type fridge, which is just all fridge space. You can have a fridge with a freezer section at the top. If you choose this type then be sure of the amount of time you can keep things frozen, normally around four weeks. There is a star rating on most of the frozen food you buy so it will tell you how long you can keep it frozen.


Your fridge capacity is helped with useful features like adjustable shelves, allowing you to store tall items or just big ones, think about Christmas time and storing the turkey! If you bake cakes and keep them cool then you may need to move shelves to accommodate a tall cake. Think about the things you already use your fridge for and think about future projects you have in mind. This way you can find a fridge of the right capacity for your families needs. A salad drawer is a great addition to the fridge and it will keep your salad fresher for longer. Some even crisp up limp lettuce and will help you eat healthily in a convenient way.


Fridges these days come in a wide array of colours to suit any colour scheme. If you want different finishes then you will have to pay more for your fridge, after it all it is about what is important to you.


If you choose a larder fridge then you won’t ever have to defrost it, however, if you have a fridge with an ice box, the ice box will need defrosting every now and then. It’s probably best to defrost every month or so to keep the ice under control.

Anti-bacterial Coating

Anti-bacterial coating is a great way to reduce bacteria and it means your fridge stays hygienically clean for longer. It also keeps the food fresher for you and reduces risk of bacterial infections from your foods.

Glass shelves in fridges mean that there is a much lower risk of cross-contamination and you can wipe down glass shelves with a damp cloth if there are any spills. It makes clean-up much easier and you have that reassurance when it comes to cross-contamination.

Holiday mode means your fridge will use less energy when you are away, it reduces your bill and makes your fridge work efficiently. Of course, with no opening and shutting of doors, your fridge will remain at a stable temperature for the period of time you are away.

Whatever features and style of fridge you choose, remember to use a reputable dealer to buy your fridge from.

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