Wine CoolingMay 18, 2017by ADKWhy Wine Coolers really are, well, cool

Why are wine coolers so good? There are a host of different reasons. I always thought they were a bit pompous until I had reason to do a bit of research, and now I see that you really do get quite a lot for your money when you buy a wine cooler.

First of all, not many of us have wine cellars, and even if we do have them, wine cellars are actually better for storing wine for a number of years. For those of us who like to actually drink the wine we buy, wine coolers are a better option. When you have a wine cooler you don’t just control the temperature, you control the humidity too, which has an affect on wine. Refrigerators are too cold for wine plus, when you have strong smells in a fridge then that can also affect the wine.

A wine cooler is an expense but it is much less of an expense than a wine cellar or a refrigerator. You are basically paying for a bigger thing than you actually need to buy.

So wine coolers are a great way to store your wine correctly without unnecessary expense. A wine cooler will store your wine away from strong smelling or tasting foods which can affect the wine. It will allow your wine to be stored at the correct temperature.

Another great thing about wine coolers is you can store the glasses in there too! This means your glasses will hold the wine at the correct temperature making it perfect for you and your friends to enjoy.

Some things don’t go with wine but there are things that do, foods that you can store in your wine cooler that won’t spoil. This is because the wine cooler keeps the wine at a slightly warmer temperature than a fridge usually, and there are foods that appreciate the temperature difference.

Soda water, iced tea, in fact any non-alcoholic beverage would do well in a wine cooler. Milk not so much, because it does need the cooler temperature of a fridge, but if there is no room in the fridge then it certainly wont be harmed by some time in the wine cooler as an alternative.

Foods that are good include bananas, apples, pears, grapes, and green leafy vegetables all do well in a wine cooler. You can also put in chocolate which is lovely slightly chilled and goes well with lots of wines! Genius.

Cheese is really good in a wine cooler because it does well at the higher temperature, but the incidence of bad bacteria is kept low. Blue cheese is a good example as it can continue producing some essential bacteria in the wine cooler and can continue to mature.

Olive oil is great kept in a wine cooler. Olive oil that is kept at non optimal temperatures for the first six months looses 40% of it’s flavour!

Not only are these foods all able to be kept and kept well in a wine cooler there are other good reasons to keep a wine cooler too. First of all they are really portable. This is good not just if you want to take some wine to a social gathering, but also because it means your wine cooler can fit in little spaces.

Some people even have a space on their bookshelves where a wine cooler is hidden away until it is used. Units with ducats can be used to keep a wine cooler hidden away until an opportune moment. You could even have a wine cooler filled with champagne in the bedroom, how yummy!
Whatever and however you use your wine cooler there are lots of very good reasons for having one. So take some good advice from ADK about your wine cooler needs and then go and get one. You will be amazed at how much use you will get out of it!

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