Air ConditioningApril 12, 2016by ADK10 Great Ways To Use Air Conditioning While Saving Energy

Although you can stay cool without the use of an air conditioner, there are days when it is so hot and humid that it is a must.  Therefore, you will undoubtedly find the following tips for staying cool using your air conditioner while saving energy at same time.  

1. Being Warmer At Night Is Okay

If you are fortunate to have nights where the temperature is still reasonably warm, that is okay.  It is less important to be consciously cool at that time, so you can turn your air conditioner down, during the hour or two before bed and during sleep time, so that it is using less electricity.

2. Make Use Of Window Or Portable Units

If you want the benefit of an air conditioner without cooling the entire house, consider investing in either a portable unit or one that can be installed onto your window.  On average they use around 60% less energy than standard central air con units use to cool the same area of space.

3. Close Off Vents

Normally, the basement in your house is the coolest room, so it is a good idea to close vents in the lower area of your home, if possible.  That way, the cool air will slink down naturally and by having the vents closed, you force the air upwards.

4. Service And Maintain Your Air Conditioning Unit

Often it is just basic maintenance that air conditioners need to keep them energy efficient.  Most though will benefit hugely from good hosing out.

5. Regularly Check The Ducts

It is important to make sure your ducts are properly insulated, especially in the parts of your home without air conditioning, such as your attic.  This is important because it will ensure air coming in is as cool as it possibly can be.

6. Reorganise Your Furniture

When furniture is obstructing vents for your air conditioning system, it could be you are paying for nothing more than cooling the bottom of a sofa or back of a chair, instead of the room.  There are pieces of plastic you can use to force air in the best direction for cooling a room; however, it is easier to reorganise and rearrange furniture.

7. Try The Optimal 22 Degrees

To have your air conditioner running at its optimal level of performance, try setting the temperature to 22 degrees.  Keeping it going steadily.  By lowering the temperature of your system by just a few degrees you could save around 40%.

8. Turn Off Lights And Pay Attention To Lighting

By turning off lights you can reduce heat generated in your home, but also by paying attention to the amount of light that comes in through open windows, you can also save more energy.  It may feel a bit over the top to constantly open and close windows depending on the sun being out or not, but it could make a difference in what the air you are paying for is competing with.

9. When No-one Is Home

When it is possible, when no one is home try and keep your air conditioner turned up to 22degrees and keep drapes and windows closed.  This means that it will be hot for a few minutes when you first get back in, the blinds will be helping to keep the sun out and thus allowing cooled air to stay cool as long as possible.

10. Don’t Forget About Your Fan

Air conditioners are relied upon to keep things cool, but owning a few extra fans in addition won’t hurt things much. These fans can be used to help circulate the cool air meaning you don’t need as much pumped in from the system.

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