FridgeJuly 11, 2018by ADK4 Tips To Improve Energy Efficiency Of Your Fridge

Energy efficiency is on the tip of everyone’s tongues nowadays as we all look for ways to conserve energy and save money on our monthly utility premiums. One way of doing this that seems to escape the minds of many people though, is improving the efficiency or their fridge. As well as being one of the most appliances in your home, it is also an appliance that, because it is always switched on, uses energy every minute of every day.

Before we go any further it is crucial to note if you have a fridge that is older than 15 years, it may be time to upgrade to full benefit from energy savings by choosing an appliance with Energy-Star certification. Although the upfront cost is high it will save you money in the long run.

All that being said however, there are easy and inexpensive ways you can improve the efficiency of your fridge right now. In this post we will highlight four ways.

Replace Your Fridge Door Seal Regularly

Despite how important this plastic bit of lining is to ensuring your fridge operates efficiently and smoothly, it is easy to overlook.

It is also referred to as a gasket and provides a protective seal from the warm air of the room entering the fridge. Gaskets often wear away and their suction becomes less effective with time. Although a high quality fridge can run efficiently for numerous years, the gasket may start to weaken and tear after just a couple of years.

Look to replace this seal when it starts to break down, because the worse it gets, the harder your fridge will have to work to ensure food is kept cool enough and chilled, increasing your electricity bills while shortening its lifespan in the process.

Try To Keep High Sources OF Heat Away From Your Fridge

For your fridge to keep the food stored inside chilled to the optimum temperature, its compressor will work harder when it is too close to sources of heat. This means that your fridge is wasting more energy and could shorten its lifespan.

If possible, try to design your kitchen so that you can keep the dishwasher, oven and any other sources of high heat away from your fridge. It is also recommended that you keep your fridge in a shaded part of the kitchen away from direct sunlight.



Clean and Tidy The Condenser Coils

Any excess warmth from a fridge is removed by the condenser coil. If these coils, normally found underneath or to the back of your fridge, become dusty, it is harder for them to function efficiently. This causes them to work harder than they were designed to, which increases the amount of energy your fridge consumes which not only causes spikes in your monthly utility bills but could cause major issues for your appliance at a later date.

To ensure they are kept clean, spend a small amount of money on a bristle brush as this is an easy way to get rid of the dust and dirt that accumulates around the coils. You don’t even have to clean them too regularly, just make sure the dust and debris is not allowed to build up enough to stop the condenser doing its job.

Cool Leftovers Properly Before Putting Then in The Fridge

It’s often the smallest of details that can save you the biggest amount of money on utility bills. When you give your leftovers sufficient time to cool down properly, before putting them in the fridge, you are preventing that small increase in temperature to affect your fridge. It is also recommended that you store food in either plastic boxes or protective wrapping before putting it into the fridge, to stop any residual heat from escaping.

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