Ice machines are designed to produce fresh, hygienic ice throughout the day, every day, whether you are a small restaurant or a large leisure organisation. ADK can help ensure you keep your ice machine going by sending you an expert in ice machine repairs.

We know the importance of keeping your ice machine running without any breakdowns. We also know how important it is for you to be able to guarantee your customers safe, clean& fresh ice.

Our engineers work on all makes and models of ice machine and because we carry a large range of parts enabling swift, efficient repairs to all leading brands of ice makers.

Ice machine have a lot of mechanical parts and because they are in contact to water they are subject to limescale buildup. Most common ice machine faults are from limescale build-up and could be prevented by regular descales (should be done by an expect). ADK can plan regular descales to reduce downtime and high repair bills.

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